Photographs of landscapes where scientists are studying the present impacts of climate change, vulnerability to future impacts and/or attempts to mitigate and adapt. The photographs are exhibited in diverse venues, including: science and art museums, the sides of buses, billboards, city halls, school presentations, galleries, magazines, NGO publications, etc. Standard exhibition size is 40×50 (at which size they are also editioned). Often the photographs are displayed along with archival images, contextual research, installation elements and other media. To date, we have photographed 14 locations. We are returning to several of these locations (Peru, The Netherlands, New Orleans, Niger) for more in-depth studies. The meaning of the images depends on their context within a larger discourse about climate change – a discourse with many registers: scientific, journalistic, activist and artistic. In the aggregate, the photographs form an archive and can be positioned as evidence. Viewed individually, the images form a blank stare.


Installation views: