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THe Canary Project

In 2006, Sayler/Morris created The Canary Project, a mission-driven studio that works with other artists as well as designers, scientists, writers and volunteers to produce art and media about ecological issues such as climate change, extinction, food systems and water resources. Since its founding The Canary Project has produced more than twenty projects, involving hundreds of contributors.  The projects range from immersive installations to an open-source poster campaign to publications and workshops. The Canary Project has provided small grants to artists on a curated basis.

Sayler/Morris founded The Canary Project out of conviction that cultural production is a crucial building block in social movements.  Art opens a space for belief, and belief makes a space for change.  For a description of Canary Project works, visit the site for the project. In 2015, Sayler/Morris also launched The Canary Lab at Syracuse University, where they teach.